Spacecode Atlas


CoverSpacecode Atlas was my final year project at LBS Nyköping; a 2D platformer prototype built in Unity. It simply started off as a mere goal to learn the basics in Unity, but quickly evolved into a smaller prototype with simple gameplay mechanisms.

Spacecode Atlas is technically the first “game” I’ve created on my own, except the technical assistance from my friend David Rannaleet and the guidance from our programming teacher Kristofer.




Although it’s my first prototype, I wanted it to feature a unique gameplay formula and that’s why I looked into the concept of multitasking between different characters. The Lost Vikings was a huge source of inspiration for me but it wasn’t until I played Risk of Rain that I figured out exactly what I wanted to do with my game. I looked at the drones in Risk of Rain and asked myself; “What if I could control these drones with manual aiming?

The rest is history, a troublesome history. You see, I was just starting out with programming and it felt like I only made a mess when I tried to code something. That’s right, I started to run before I could walk. It’s not a total failure, I learned a bit about Collision triggers for the use of playing animations and parenting objects by code. David Rannaleet saved me a lot of trouble and I’m thankful for his assistance in this project. My teacher Kristofer didn’t only help me to believe in myself but constantly pushed me to add more features to the game.


I started to develop on a game prototype in Unity by the end of summer 2014 and extended it as a game project when I came back to school. The deadline was set to be 18th of December the same year, so I had to create a schedule like a real game developer in order to complete this task.

The only things I had to cancel in order to make it before deadline was the menu, the background music and the sound effects. That’s a pity, but I had to prioritize other assignments in school as well before christmas arrived. I will continue to work on my prototype and hopefully recruit someone to help me out a bit. Just maybe.


Screenshot 2



A year later and with a bit more understanding of coding, I made a new demo in Unity, in which I changed the entire original plan for Spacecode Atlas. I made the jump to 3D and changed it from a platformer to a third person shooter by actually adding the ability to use a grappling hook as displayed in the early cover. I have yet to follow up on this project, since I don’t have a clear idea which direction I want to take with the game. For now, it’s still an experiment.


Fredrik Linde – Designer/Programmer

David Rannaleet – Programmer

Kristofer Boman – Project manager

Stefan Lundal – Guidance counselor


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