Progress on my Skeletal Animation implementation in DirectX11, I’m finally starting to get somewhere. Sorry for the clipping at some places, I’m using motion capture data with HumanIK in Maya and it doesn’t totally sync up with my model. I’m currently working on the Delta Timing and interpolation between keyframes, not quite there yet, but it’s not breaking on me anymore. I will in the near future write a long post on my webpage about my first skeletal animation system, discuss the whole process, talk about the wrong stuff I did and what I did good etc etc.

My next task is to replace the section where I read keyframe data to instead access animation curves in the FBX format rather than creating keyframes from the FBX root node. I still find it gruesomely hard though, so it will probably take me a couple of more weeks to finish this system. I can only thank the older Technical Artist students, my project group and teachers for guiding me in the right direction and continue to have patience with me. Until next time, have a good one šŸ™‚