A showreel of my most recent animation project in which I was assigned to create four different animations for my orc character. All animations were later exported to Unreal Engine 4 and connected to an animation blueprint. This blueprint is then used in the creation of a character controller to move around in the scene. I still consider the in-game jumping animation to be the hardest part about everything, the anticipation of it all and the trade-off with player control. I just have to keep trying and one day I will get it right.

I plugged in my orc character to MotionBuilder and used a reference skeleton from Brekel Pro Body, a program used to create motion capture animations. It was really fun to goof around in front of the camera, but not so fun to clean up the animation data afterwards in the Graph Editor back in Maya. However, it was worth it and now I have somewhat decent animations.

I’m fairly satisfied with the final result, but I’m always looking to improve myself and I still consider myself to have a long way to go. I don’t even know if I want to become an animator, it doesn’t feel like my kind of thing yet. Never say never, I guess.