I’ve put it on hold for a while, but this week I decided to continue with the Orc Project and carry on with texturing. The low poly mesh I’m going to import for final rendering in Unreal is finished, with a polycount estimated to be around 13 000 (equipment included).

My design for the armor was inspired by the reference model my teacher created, but I especially like the way of reusing panels to create shoulder guards and boots. It saves me time and UV-space, but still looks fine since it’s the same theme on the equipment. I went for a standard knight design and I’m satisfied with the results. There is a bit of Elder Scrolls mixed with Dark Souls in there as well, I really like the armor design in these games.

Right now I’m working for the most part on texturing and creating different maps for the PBR materials on my character with Quixel. The final normal maps will be applied right before I export to Unreal, just to make sure I don’t get caught up in sculpting details.


The equipment after quad drawing, I also copied the shoulder guards to create the boots

The final low poly mesh with current textures, more detail will be added in the coming sessions


Standard light compared and two-way directional lighting in Maya

As you can see, the results may vary depending on the render engine. Everything seems fine in Unreal except for the metalness map, which has a much stronger reflection compared to the rendered images in Maya. Now I can adjust the effect to get the result I want where it really matters, which is in the game engine. I can fix and tweak the rendering in Maya/ZBrush, but here I get to see how the character actually would look like in a game. Really interesting, I’m learning a lot right now and it’s genuinely fun.