Today was a bit of a milestone for me and an important test for the normal baking in the orc project. Since I’ve used the high poly model as a guide for the low poly version while quad drawing, I wanted to make sure and check that the actual baking process worked with these models.

I spent most of the week quad drawing the low poly version and trying to figure the topology. I make sure to listen to all the older and more experienced students around me about what they have to say in the form of guidance and opinions.


Then I went back to ZBrush to create the UV-Maps by using poly groups for every part of the body. Thankfully the unwrapping process went well and I ended up with a good UV-map to work with, but it takes a while to get used to the fact that the Y-axis is inverted.

And now for the important moment of baking the normals, which turned out better than what I’d ever expected. Now I know for certain that the baking between my models work, and I can now continue to add subdivisions and detail to the high poly version. I also really appreciate polypaint in ZBrush, it helps me put out the basic colors I’m going to use for creating a more lively skin texture later on.

The total polycount for the low poly model is now at 5868 polygons and since we had a limit of 20 000 polygons, I think I’m keeping it safe and clean. What follows now is another week of more research and experiments, but also a bit more texture painting which I’m super excited for.

Until next time, have a good one 🙂