After completing the anatomy assignment in ZBrush, we are now given the challenge to create a tribe member of an orc clan. Our graphic teacher Eric has given us reference pictures from his own creation and the original design of the orc, featuring a unique look that I honestly haven’t seen anywhere else.



Here you can see me using shadowbox to paint a silhouette mask in three different views – front, side and top.



Sculpting the basic shapes of the face, trying to achieve some major wrinkles and more are coming. This will be the main detail I hope to be able to transfer in my normal maps.

Blocking out the spine and shoulders. The hand is a lot harder to sculpt and I’m going to revisit it in several stages, for now I’m just trying to keep it low poly and basic.


I’m hoping to bring something extra to the table with this armor set


Front view of the body with the armor equipped


Works pretty good without the helmet as well, I want to be able to use some of my own design without putting the actual face in the shadow of the helmet. It’s that balance again I guess.