Today I went back to school to continue working on the Jedi Rig at Niklas workshop, which was more than awesome. There are a lot of things I still don’t understand about rigging, I’ve just accepted how some things work without questioning the systematic behind it. We are about 5 – 6 people in the circular room at the bottom floor of the library, taking notes and listening to his previous experiences in Maya. He explains all of it briefly and then demonstrates different techniques on the screen which we are trying to replicate.


Getting that IK/FK switch to work correctly was a little bit tricky, but I managed to put it together after a while. I’m familar with both systems and driven keys, but the whole process of switching and having three different joint hierarchies on top of each other felt somewhat overwhelming. I also wanted to keep my hand rigs intact, so that made it all much more troublesome. I’m sure going to practice this for future projects to become a solid rigger.