I’m back in school as of today and we went to a great lecture by Niklas Wennersten at BTH, who talked us through his years of experience with character rigging and animation. Check out his vimeo channel in the link below and get ready to be mindblown.


After the lecture, he provided us with some of his own written material and gave us access to a couple of meshes to practice the rigging process. I also went back to check up on the Bellamy rig that I made and decided to start making some animations for her, now that I’ve finally got the Animator’s Survival Kit handbook delivered to me. The math class starts next week, so I try to do as much as possible now to feel somewhat free before the storm arrives.

More on the Bellamy Rig in this post: Bellamy Report


Finishing off the first part in the Jedi Rig, I’m amazed at how clean this rig setup is and the outliner doesn’t seem so crowded anymore. I feel like I got rid of many bad habits and inefficient techniques I’ve accidentally learnt myself over the years. The Bellamy Rig isn’t bad, but no where near this approach. I’ve never learnt so much in one session, and I’m probably going to learn more as I continue. Tomorrow’s challenge is finishing up on the Jedi Character by rigging the hands and binding together all the major controls. Later that day I’m going to try my best at rigging a dragon. I will study the skeleton of a bat, which Niklas recommended for us if we ever were assigned to create airborne creatures like angels or birds.


A trip to the library also ended with me grabbing two outdated books that were free of charge, one of them being a bit of a goldmine. It’s a book about object-oriented programs written in C++ and it contained a floppy disk filled with studies of the different programming solutions. I got to find me an older computer, just to calm my curiosity.

Oh, and one more thingy.


I just couldn’t resist, now it feels more like a real office than an apartment. I can dream, right? 🙂