I hope people are doing fine this summer, as we proceed into the second half of it. Just like last year, I’m working on the local swimming facility in my hometown which gives me time to daydream and plan my projects. For this summer, I decided to mix design with programming and it has worked out quite well so far. Here are some short updates on every individual project I’m currently working on:

Spacecode Atlas: Winter Assault (Unity)

Spare time project


Winter Assault will be my next Spacecode Atlas prototype, and it’s going to start out in Unity. We are going to learn 3D programming in the next year of the Technical Artist program, so there might be the potential creation of our very own game engine. It’s probably going to be used mainly in school, but the knowledge I gain from it can be used to build a more “original” Atlas prototype from scratch.

With Zbrush and Maya, I’m going to create ice caves for Atlas to explore with his grappling hook and jetpack. The focus of the gameplay is going to purely be based in the joy of exploration, think Tomb Raider and you’ll get the picture 🙂


Sunreign (SFML C++)

Spare time project


This was an odd idea I got after playing Starbound one evening, thinking about space and the unknown out there. I’ve always been interested in astronomy and that’s maybe where the first real Sci-fi sensation started for me. The dream of creating a simulator of some sort, maybe combining it with strategy and a bit of randomized components, might turn out to be taking shape in “Sunreign”. I’m currently writing it in C++ with the SFML API, and I’m looking to upgrade the graphics in the future. For now I’m going to listen to all the game programmers around me and focus on the game mechanics, and save the graphics for later.

The basic idea for the gameplay is to deliver a good experience no matter if the player only has five minutes or an entire day to play. I want them to set the pace according to their available time and to easily jump into it, create a new universe and watch it grow. A part of the universe is going to be controlled by the players, as they click out suns and planets on the screen, with the exception that the planet types and the various conditions in the solar system will be completely randomized. I know it sounds complicated, and it is exactly what it is. That’s why I’m starting out easy, as for now, you can only instance one sun with some orbiting planets. Not much more to it now, but I’ll keep working on it and hopefully it can end up to be a fun game.

3D Programming (DirectX11 C++)

School study


By the beginning of the summer, I picked up a bit of documentation for DirectX and has since then tried to come up with something basic, like this rectangle. It’s not even 3-dimensional yet, but I’m currently reading a bit about transformation matrices and how to render depth in order to make a rotating cube. We are most certainly going to create a pipeline where we are to export our 3D models to our own engines, and I know this for sure because the vertices are stored in vertex arrays. Every element can later be appended with vectors for position, UV coordinates etc etc from an OBJ exporter. At least that’s how I think it will approached in school, and I’m probably going to need the entire year to get it figured out.

Lamborghini Aventador LP-400 (Maya 2016 Extension 2)

Challenge from a friend


This was actually a challenge given to me by my old friend Alan Slaeman, a mastermind when it comes to everything that involves 3D. This guy has teached me so many things in Maya, I don’t even know where to begin. I would appreciate if any readers of this post could take a quick look at his Facebook page, named Winterblast Studios. There is a lot of stuff in there, Zbrush, Unreal projects, Level design and much more. The guy is a one man company, and it’s worth mentioning that he is looking for a job. 🙂


I’m not a car enthusiast, but if I ever got to pick one for myself, it would be the Lamborghini Aventador. Not for the roaring engine, not for the deluxe seats or the cool gadgets underneath the orange painted body. Only for the design and elegant lines running through its outer shell. Even though it was never featured in the old Need for Speed games, it’s always the first thing to pop up in my head when I see this car.

For the moment, I’m finishing up on the front and will later this month carry on with the sides and middle section. I want to take my time on this projects, because this will be a mix of optimization and rendering practice. In the meantime, I’m going to think out a good environment to place it in. Maybe an exotic jungle? 😀

Manga Character Bellamy (Maya 2016 Extension 2)

Commission for a friend


I jumped the chance to recreate this manga character in Maya for my friend Captain when she first showed me the drawings of her character Bellamy. I’ve never created a manga character in 3D before and I constantly need to practice anatomy, so it was the ultimate project to pick up some rigging practices and try new setups for animation. I’m currently finishing up the rigging and will soon proceed with texturing, so it’s steadily moving on. This is by far, the most complicated character I’ve ever created in Maya, so there has been plenty of trouble which will be documented when everything is done.

You can find her art on Deviantart and Bellamy by following this link, please do take a look if you really enjoy manga 🙂