As PBR shading is starting to become the new standard in the industry, our teachers have made sure for us to learn Quixel and its different applications to create better textures in the future. These two objects was part of a racing prototype I worked on in school and also served as training objects while working in Quixel. We weren’t exactly the best friends in the beginning, but now I’m starting to understand the basics of Quixel and my models are starting to look a little bit more decent. I’m so excited to explore all the new possibilities for texturing my models with Quixel and summer break is just around the corner…aw yeah

Box Tris: 768 (Yeah I know, a bit overkill for a small box. I’ll make sure to keep the polycount down in the future)
Helmet Tris: 1744

Models created in Maya 2016
Textures created in Quixel and exported to Unity 5 with Maya 2016