Here is a short demonstration of my latest assignment in school, which was to create a smaller MEL script to handle the creation of bounding boxes for different objects. It was challenging from time to time, and I had to spend a lot of time reading documentation.The script can do the following:

– Create Bounding Boxes of types “Cube” and “Sphere”
– Axis Align both types (not that it really matters with the sphere type”
– Size offset (both negative and positive values)
– Create individual shaders for each object with transparency and RGB color values
– Parent Bounding Box to selected object
– Lock Attributes of the created Bounding Box
– Create display layer for the created Bounding Box
– Undo (Not as smooth as it sounds, just a simple Undo;)

I’m quite satisfied with the result for being my first real MEL script, but there will always be room for more improvements. I’m having plans to maybe start streaming my Maya sessions this summer, but that will require some planning first. Until next time, best wishes to all creative people out there 🙂