I’m having so much fun right now, easily the best assignment I’ve ever had in school. The textures are getting better as my shading techniques steadily improves, but I do need to practice it a lot more often. Programming takes most of my time nowadays and I need to prioritize that as well because I’m a slow learner. Cheers 🙂


Working on the reflections, not quite there yet. Remember, this is only a flat lambert material


I’m worrying about getting the textures too dark, but for the moment, it’s visible and okay


Reflection of the helmet, going to make smoother shadows on the backside of the antennas


Really have no idea what to do with his bottom, but I’ll figure something out.


Blending in a couple of blue tones in the texture to create better metal


Here is the grappling hook that Atlas can use to swing across gaps and climb buildings


The grappling hook also has an in-built blaster to provide a basic defense for Atlas


The extension wire used to launch the grappling hook


Right now, I can stretch it as far as I want but I’m going to create a better system for that in the future