It’s been two long months, and the whole thing is starting to look just the way I imagined it in my head when the project started. I’m looking forward to finish this environment, but there are some minor details left to fix, especially with the lighting. No Physical Sun/Sky was used in the creation of this scene, I really want to try making my own composition. Only hand-drawn textures and modified Mia/Blinn Materials accompanied by glow and transparency maps.

Progress 21

The cathedral seen from its entrance

Progress 23

Tweaking and testing the fog light. The shadows are still a bit too sharp, but I’m getting there

Progress 24

Same scene from a higher perspective

Progress 22

I thought the original design of my candleholder was a bit boring, so I added a water lily and some colored leaves

Progress 20

Also tested the built in “Spotglow” paint effect to fake some of the lighting in the roof and heavily modified it to suit my needs


The emitter to my candle effect. Experimented a lot with the Swirl attribute to make the fluid simulate like a candle


And here is the final render of the effect 🙂